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Based off of her own pug "Miser Max." Miserable Mister Max is a miserable pug. No one takes him seriosuly, he's too cute, and forced into outfits and situations against his will. For him it's terrible, for everyone else, it's comical!

          Copyright ©2015-2023 Melissa Kleynowski


Stay Safe. Stay Home.

Miserable Mister Max is here to remind you to stay afe and stay home! We're in this together, and together from afar, we will beat covid-19! ©2020MelissaKleynowski

Worst Nightmare






Daily Demands


Bath Time

Miserable Mister Max! ©2019MelissaKleynowski

Daily Anxiety Attack

Miserable Mister Max! ©2019MelissaKleynowski


Miserable Mister Max! ©2019MelissaKleynowski

Morning Routine

Miserable Mister Max! ©2019MelissaKleynowski


Miserable Mister Max! ©2019MelissaKleynowski

Mister Max Is Too Tired For Today

And pretty much every day... ©2018Melissa

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ugh People.

Possible future pin, tote, or t-shirt idea? ©2017MelissaKleynowski



Have A Splash!


Grumpy Lump


Christmas Card 2017

©2017MelissaKleynowski Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me to you! My xmas card for 2016!

Sick As A Dog

©2017MelissaKleynowski Drew this a while back in my sketch book when I was feeling really sick with mono. It's long since passed and I decided to color and give this little doodle some life! Also...get it? Sick as a DOG? Heh...heheh.

Tubby Puggy

©2017MelissaKleynowski Just a random little puggy all full and tubby!

Not So Miserable


Winter Walk


Happy New Year! Love, Max

©2017MelissaKleynowski Miserable Mister Max feels the same way I do about New Year's...

Late Night Train

©2016MelissaKleynowski Max coming back from that crazy holiday rager you had in the city.

Christmas Card 2016

©2016MelissaKleynowski Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me to you! My xmas card for 2016!

Java Pug

Hey if I was poked, pinched, squeezed, and posted to social media all the time I'd need some java too! ©2016MelissaKleynowski


Don't take it personal, he's just "hangry". All the time... ©2016MelissaKleynowski

I'll Hold It

Imagine YOU having to pee outside every time? ©2016MelissaKleynowski

One of You!

Yes, I own a pug suit. Yes, that is me. No, he is not thrilled. ©2016MelissaKleynowski

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Introduction P.2


Introduction P.1


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