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Various digital works using Adobe Photoshop.

Copyright ©2015-2023 Melissa Kleynowski


"And, you are?"

©2023 Melissa Kleynowski

Green Giant

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

Fierce Beauty

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

Arctic Dragon

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

A Dragon's Glare

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

Self Portrait


Caffeinated Raccoon

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

Caffeinated Raccoon (B&W)

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski


Why? Why Not? D&D Inspired Creature from MADNESS! ©2022MelissaKleynowski

Siberian Tiger

©2022 Melissa Kleynowski

T-Rex Skull (Blue)

T-Rex Skull (Blue) ©2021 Melissa Kleynowski

T-Rex Skull (Pink)

T-Rex Skull (Pink) ©2021 Melissa Kleynowski

For a "Draw This In Your Style Challenge" I had a lot of fun with it, maybe I'll do more? See the before and after on my instagram at @melissa__amanda This version of the piece: ©2021MelissaKleynowski

Thank You Nurses

Art: ©2020MelissaKleynowski

Thank You Doctors

Art: ©2020MelissaKleynowski

Antlers and Holly

Antlers and Holly My Christmas Card for 2019! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! ©2019MelissaKleynowski

My Worth #1

A statement. ©2019MelissaKleynowski

My Worth #2

A statement. ©2019MelissaKleynowski


A little image I did since Valentine's Day is approaching and well....I just love manatees. ©2019MelissaKleynowski

Love Potion

Love Potion ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Poison Bottle

Poison Bottle ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Pay Your Artist

A badge for all artists out there who are underpaid, never paid, or have their pay delayed severely. Respect and pay the artists you hire. ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Iced Coffee Addict

Literally me. ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Autumn Dragon

Autumn Dragon ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Cosmic Dreamer

Cosmic Dreamer ©2018MelissaKleynowski

3 Curvey Ladies

3 Curvey Ladies ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Looking Skyward

Looking Skyward ©2018MelissaKleynowski

Fat Cat

FAT CAT ©2016MelissaKleynowski

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